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The Solution has an adjustable rig to keep the rig working efficiently throughout the wind range and cater for a variety of helm weights (68-90kg weight range in the top 5 at the 2012 Nationals). This enables the Solution to stay very well balanced – no weather helm commonly associated with some single-handed dinghies!

All boats are supplied with a high quality fit out. There is some flexibility in the control line purchase allowed in the class rules to allow for personal preference and different sailing styles. A number of sailors change the downhaul to a 8:1.

Mainsheet centre sheeted arrangement with a 2:1 aft bridle
Centreboard up and down controls adjustable from the side tank- helping to control balance of the boat
Rig Tension 8:1 (via forestay) – split and led to side tanks to allow easy depowering
Lower Mast Bend Lower Shrouds, tension adjustable off the water to suit helm weight
Kicker 16:1 – led to side tanks
Downhaul 4:1 – led to side tanks
Outhaul 4:1 – led to side tanks
Rudder Uphaul and downhaul for easy launching/recovery
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