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What does one design / single manufacturer mean?

All Solution hulls have been built identically and no changes have been made that affect boat speed. When Ovington Boats took over distribution some small fitout changes were made for ease of manufacturing and supplier availability.

Who builds the Solution?

The Solution is hand built in the UK by JJ Boats. It was previously built by Ovington Boats

How long will a second hand boat remain competitive?

Being well made and with relatively low rig tension boats will last for a long time.
The 2017 Solution Nationals was won by a 10 year old boat.

What should I expect to pay?

A brand new Solution costs £8,600 (inc VAT) including launching trolley, top/bottom cover and rudder bag. Second hand boats start from around £2,500 and go up to around £7,000 depending on age, general condition, sail condition and other equipment such as road trailer and spare sail.

What should I look for when buying second hand?

There is nothing specific to look at when buying a Solution- there have been no ‘common problems’. Look at the general condition of the ropes, covers and sails. If you are looking at an older boat with its original sail it may need a replacement sail soon. There have been no large changes to the Solution; all boats are competitive. You don't need to worry about a measurement certificate, as all the boats are identical.

What maintenance will be required?

Very little! As a well-built epoxy fibreglass boat the only maintenance required is a freshwater rinse when you sail on salt water. Looking after blocks, cleats and ropes is the same as any boat- although the controls on the Solution are not highly loaded- things last very well.

Will a Solution suit me?

Solutions are sailed by men and women predominately in the 65kg to 100kg weight range. If you're 18 stone perhaps look at a Phantom or Finn, and likewise if you're 7 stone maybe look at a Topper or Byte.

I currently sail a Laser, how would I find a Solution?

You'll find the Solution exciting but relatively easy to sail without the need for athletic prowess. The Solution doesn't have any tendency to death roll downwind. With a traditional hoisted sail on a stayed mast, and a pivoting centreboard, you'll find launching and recovery much easier and be able to enjoy strong winds.

How does the Solution compare to other singlehanders?

With an 8.5 sq.m sail, it is faster than a Solo, Streaker or Europe, and is true one design unlike some classes. It doesn't require a lot of technical setup and performs well. The pivoting centreboard and rudder make launching and recovery straighforward.

Is the Sail Fully Battened?

No it's a Mylar laminate sail, powerful but easily depowered. Unlike a fully battened sail which is always trying to go somewhere, the part battened Solution sail will ‘sit still’.

What's it like to tack?

The Solution tacks quickly and easily. The high boom is easy to get under, and the part battened sail powers up progressively as opposed to a fully battened sail which can power up very quickly. The rudder is large enough to give good steerage even at lower speeds.

How easy is it to gybe?

The Solution is a wide boat with chines which help stabilise the lightweight hull. Gybing is made easier again with the addition of a gybing strop. There is a high boom which gives you plenty of room to get under and is unlikely to hit the water.

How easy is it to right after a capsize?

The Solution is very easy to right from a capsize and comes up dry due to its fully self-draining cockpit. Later boats have been supplied with righting lines fitted- it’s a cheap and easy to fit them to older boats- check the modifications page.

Can I sail on the sea?

Certainly, the Solution is equally at home on the salty stuff as it is inland. A large amount of the testing was done on the Solent out of Seafarers Sailing Club. The fully self-draining cockpit sees any water wash out as quickly as it came in. The light weight hull makes beach launching and steep slipways a breeze!

What Events do you run?

The Solution Class Association runs a number of open meetings alongside a National and an Inland National Championships every year. Training days are also scheduled and tied in with other events to try and help sailors get the most out of their Solutions. The majority of Solution sailors use their boats for club handicap sailing across the length and breadth of the country. See the Events and Clubs sections.

What’s with the Fish logo?

The Solution was designed and originally marketed by Red Eye Sails. The redeyed fish used as the Solution class insignia was part of the Redeye sail maker's logo. It’s a distinctive logo that makes the boats easily recognisable both on and off the water!

Are there any plans to move to a carbon rig?

No, definitely not. The Solution works well with its alloy rig, and the additional expense and maintenance of carbon spars would not be justified.

Are there any plans to become an international class?

No, but we'd love to hear from you if you're interested in setting up an overseas Solution fleet.